Glerum, he says, was a CIA “super-grade,” outranking many careerists at headquarters. Factory Preset Resolution Modes. Despite the Twin Pack’s readiness to play the rescue role, security was as tight as ever. A patrolled bicycle path ran alongside the string of telephone poles, but at one spot, about 15 miles southwest of Vinh and just east of the Cau River, the phone line went straight up a bluff, over a ridge, and down the other side. You Might Also Like.

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Air America’s Black Helicopter

It appeared to be far away from everything, but it was not far from the enemy. When each night’s practice was complete, Lamothe and Smith flew back through the darkness to the concrete landing pad, which was shaped like an old-fashioned keyhole.

The light cast an eerie, ruddy glow. Rather, they damped the kinds of noise that people associate with a helicopter. Test flights began at Culver City, California, infollowed by a brisk training program for the U. And Hughes engineers’ interest in modifying the tips of the main rotor blades to cut the slapping noise caused by blade vortices has been taken up by other experts.

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Lamothe and Smith prepared to fly the mission themselves. It was nearly impossible to see from the ground. Initial 50p0 training on the Quiet Ones, conducted in Taiwan, was complete by June The latter houses the Crayford-style, dual-speed focuser and the 9×50 finderscope. Despite the Twin Pack’s readiness to play the rescue role, security was as tight as ever. If a reprimand for attracting attention was ever entered in Smith’s secret personnel file, it didn’t matter: Shenzhen Gubang Technology Co.


When Lamothe and Smith heard from the Otter that the Thai oscilloscope was getting a clear signal from the spider relay’s transmitter, they threw a switch that released the last cables connecting the spider relay to the helicopter and flew the Quiet One to a streambed to wait for the commandos to finish attaching the solar panels.

Later, under dark skies, the M35 star cluster in Gemini filled the kag of the 28mm and we noted coloured stars scattered throughout it. A helicopter is a one-man band, its turbine exhaust blaring a piercing whine, the fuselage skin’s vibration rumbling like a drum, the tail rotor rasping like a buzzsaw.

Then, before any special-mission training mga, and with no explanation, Cates and Mehaffey were sent back to their old piloting jobs at Air America. To view this digimag, Adobe Flash player is required.

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Laptops by Justin Jaffe Nov 26, Hughes to either make them quieter or take them back. A group ofthey lived in a separate part of PS and manned the perimeter. The Twin Pack broke away at the North Vietnamese border and took up a slow orbit over Laos, out of radar range but on call if needed. The helicopter had its own hangar so Soviet spyplanes and satellites could not get a look at the peculiar profile produced by the extra main rotor blade, a tail rotor with blades in an odd scissored configuration, and big muffler on the rear fuselage.

You can opt-out at any time. The approach to landing was memorable because the Quiet One used no landing lights; it relied on an infrared floodlight on the nose.


The CIA bought and then handed over two of the top-secret helicopters to a firm—by all appearances, civilian—called Air America. Video Input Digital Video Standard. Ports mwg included for the hand controller, auxiliary port adaptor, power connector and the cables providing connection to both axis 50p and encoders. Big and bright but a little frill-free for the money Big and bright but a little frill-free for the money by Lori Grunin. Full automatic protective function,such over current protection,over heat protection and lack phase protection.

Glerum, he says, was a CIA “super-grade,” outranking many careerists at headquarters. And it remained a secret for more than two decades, until Ken Conboy and James Morrison told the story in their book Shadow War. Back at camp, Lanning laid them out on a floor and 50p he could get the relay working if he had some new parts.

The station would be within earshot of enemy patrols, so both the tap and relay would have to be dropped in by helicopter—a very quiet one.

Engineers at Hughes identified one of the worst of the noisemakers: Cookies perform functions like recognising you each time you visit and delivering advertising mga that are relevant to you. Tablets by David Katzmaier Nov 26,