Well done Timi, you just became an Instrument File creator! I’ll do the dull bit of renaming them when everything else seems to be about right. You need to collect the “data 2” value from the MSB entry. Usually the manufacturer does this, but sometimes the instrument owner takes it upon himself or herself. Actually the total converse is what is needed.

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Sort by most recent most useful. I see the thread’s been read more than a thousand times! Many manufacturers also publish a separate MIDI specification manual usually in pdf form. And is the sample of data of 10 voice changes enough to tell if those voices can be changed properly from Cakewalk as well?

But I haven’t found one for this instrument. As far as I can tell there’s no division into instrument banks, and instruments are numbered simply from 1 to in the SP user interface and the user’s guide. These tools are freely available on the Internet, but if you can’t find one, I have one I can send you.

Well John, you certainly know your stuff, and unlike the “techies” I’ve dealt with at IBM, Apple and others, you have the communication skills to actually help people.

Hello again dp5500, Thanks again for enlightening advices! All the best, SysExJohn.

Medeli SP5500 88-Key Stage Piano

I’m now semi-retired and teach MIDI part time to adult education classes. You see reporters using it to report back from very remote or war torn locations. Glad you’ve found the posts useful PlanetEarth. D I have also Korg N1R, which has over patches, but there’s no problems with those as the patches are divided neatly in logical banks. But learnt, under the tutorship of a really good presenter, how to get the message across. I’ll do the dull bit of renaming them when everything else seems to be about right.


Everything can be edited, the sounds are good but it’s much more expensive, no usb port, no sd reader and made in china, too.

Then we’ll meet here again and compare notes! It’s under the bed, sp55500 dust – therefore INS file that has banks to see how it’s done and experiment from there.

So many people I respond to in other placeswant things on a plate and aren’t prepared to put in a little time to get what they want and to learn in the process. I bought a korg pa50 right before this one and I was disappointed with this key piano that feels like a toy. It identifies the unit as using the GM2 drum banks, but not the GM2 bank select. This is what I did: As you say, you’ll be able to use a lot from existing files, and the PSR one will give you a good idea how it works.

All user reviews for the Thomann SP-5500

In theory this allowed for more than 16, different banks! My problem with it is that the velocity response is terrible – if you play quick 8ths you are unable to reach full velocity after the first key strike I’ll try to look at the structure of the PSR drum kit definition after I get the other instruments right.

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I’ll also PM my email to you if you would like to send the file, unless you can post the official download URL here. Piano is perfectly useable.

Instrument definitions for Thomann/Medeli SP | Cakewalk Forums

Just change the name in square brackets to e. SP, Digital Piano from Mexeli. Don’t do the drums yet, they work in a slightly different way, by note number, so we’ll do them when we’ve got the main instrument list done.

Have you considered making your own.

Do the normal “melody” voices first and I’ll come back and tell you how to list the drum sets shortly. I found mefeli a one or two sounds that seem incorrect according to attached name, but I’ll make a note of them and check them later properly one by one.

Another lesson will tell you about them if you want to know.